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liked, after that I started writing f

You could say that my goals have changed over time. This may be because I have long been here and matured over the years, from fourteen to nineteen is a good time. When I first arrived we were still in Cz, in those sweet years, my primary goal was to read and comment on stories I liked, after that I started writing fanfics then felt the need to conquer Cz, but I still had much to learn. Then when I learned enough, my goal step to post Longfic and then conquer Cz, however I discovered that I'm too lazy to write several chapters and I can hardly write really long things (except these giant comments, these if I write). I decided to put aside my desire to conquer Cz. FFL Then we moved and want to conquer it, but I missed for a long, long time. Then I went back and got lost, I repeated the cycle a few times, becoming an idle phantom. Now come back and this time to stay, at least for a while, I decided to have fun, read, keep writing course, help out there and try to conquer someday FFL. Did you know that? Screw this, to mature my foot, after 5 years my main focus is and has always been conquering FFL. So @ Nobita-kun I offer my humble services anytime FFL and then conquer the world.

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