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me too much with frequent changes

I have used WD in Firefox for years, but am now exploring Chrome (Fx have annoyed me too much with frequent changes). I have installed WD in Chrome, but do not seem to be able to change the order of the WD icons as I can in Fx. I want 'Resize' on the left so it's still accessible when the browser window is reduced.his is possibly more a non-feature of Chrome than of WD, but I thought I'd ask.Having gone on to try it out, the problem isn't what I'd expected. I can still access the WD icon in the Chrome toolbar, and see the 'Resize' icon in the 'ribbon' that opens. But I cannot see the size options, they would seem to be off screen to the left.I set a window of 320x480, but the result looks larger than that, particularly when compared to the outline shown in 'View Responsive Layouts.'

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