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planned to be out

Tracks like Til It's Gone and Bourbon In a Bottle have got us built up for Yelawolf's next collection, Love Story which is planned to be out. /ÚlÚchargerÚlÚchargementÚlÚchargerÚlÚcharger-album-mp3-d-u-c/s-1899511ÚlÚcharger-booba---d-u-c-2015-version-itunesÚlÚchargezÚlÚcharger-album-booba-d-u-c-gratuit-complet-2015-exclusive;t=1083424&p=2600980#p2600980;t=882286&p=3290384#p3290384

Today, he astonished fans by discharging a photograph of the collection's full tracklist, written by hand by Yelawolf himself on Instagram.

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