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probably go with Thomas

Since I'm snowbound today, it's a good time to nestle down in the papasan with a book and a cat. Just curious what other folks in the Playground are reading today, whether or not snow is a factor.

Once I've finished scraping the car, I'll probably go with Thomas Madden's Venice: A New History, which has been a great read so far, even if he ran through the city's first five hundred years in the first two chapters. (Guess those Magyars weren't so tough after all. ; )

For my audiobook, I'm listening to Michael Drout's short course on A History of the English Language--a little too much linguistic theory for the time allotted, but still a great overview and, as a fellow Tolkien fan, he's always great fun to listen to.

So, what's everyone else reading today? I'm not looking for neomodernist critiques, and please no beating of long-expired equines here; I'm just interested in a snapshot of what the Playground is reading today. Coursework, literature, fun and fluffy, all of it: I'd like to know.

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