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Here are the forum rules, please read them carefully before posting, thanks Dal.

1. No Spamming.

2. No Flaming.

3. No links to Illegal sites.

5. No explicit language.

6. Racisim and/or Sexism is completely BANNED on this forum, any Offences Will Result In a Ban.

7. No posting links to sites with explicit langauge and/or explicit images.

Admin and mods reserves the right to Edit or remove any offensive posts or threads without prior notice!

It is the Admins and moderators choice as to what they will do if any of the above rules are broken.

1st offence will involve editing post and a warning, 2 more offences will get a 24hr ban at least. After 3rd offence that will get an indefinate ban which will be decided by admin and the moderators.

Follow these simple rules and have fun.

       About Stockport Forum Index -> Important Please Read
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