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the number to attract or repel

s a side bit of strategy, let me just say that just as an actual Roulette Wheel in a Casino can be manipulated with Magnets under the number to attract or repel that metal ball (I think they are still made of metal), to or from a number, so also can the escalating wheel also be manipulated as it slows down (Approaching the eventual winner of the game). This is risky but also a part of the game and not a premature killing or elimination of a player but a calculated risk. You know that the wheel will not come around to you again so you take the risk and go for gold or bust.

But those situations are not Pre-mature and in this debriefing thread, I will attempt to explain in more details, what a premature kill or elimination is. Simply put, it is an elimination that determines some one else the winner of the game barring any other major mistakes afterwards which is another issue that will be discussed in this debriefing thread as well. A "Premature Kill is when in all likelihood, the wheel will most definitely come back to you or can come back to you, yet you decide to go for the game kill at that time when all the indicators are against it.

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