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I know most of the games that most of play are free but do many people actually take the time to vote for the games they play?

I for one try to vote as often as I can but then it slips me mind and don't vote for a while. The only way to attract players is by voting and getting them a little higher. Come on guys lets start voting for the games we play so we get more people to kill. Lets make an early New Years resolution and try to vote at least once a week.


I feel bit guilty being mod to prom forum after all

Btw thanks for reminder almost forgot to do it today

Vote whenever u r on the site - takes 30 seconds max

Appreciate it

Voting Links

If you've forgot to vote for any of the games you play here is a list of voting links for the games.

Medieval Empires -

More will be added soon for other games.


Renaissance Kingdoms

Renaissance Kingdoms voting links -

       About Stockport Forum Index -> MMORPG's
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